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CDM Regulations 2015

Are you completly lost by the new Construction Design Management Regulations 2015 [CDM 2015] ?

You're not alone.

Most have no idea of their new obligation to create site specific paperwork or Construction Phase Plan (CPP) even for domestic works.

The confusion seems to lie in the submission of an F10 form as a 'notifiable project' and the creation of the CPP for a project. The two have no relation any longer. The old system of an F10 Form notification to the HSE if you have a project with a projected +5000 man hours or will be on-site for 4 consecutive weeks or more still stands.

The new guidance is more leaning towards the creation of site specific safety paperwork for every job that you (as the principle contractor) use the services of sub-contract labour on. Its a demonstration of control documents. Or at least that is my translation of the new regs for contractors.

For Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) this could create a paperwork minefield. Handily however the HSE and CITB have come up with an App to solve all your problems. Or sort of...

Go to your app store (Apple or Android) and search CDM Wizard. Download the app and have a play. Providing you have access to all the required paperwork and systems via your smartphone it will, I have no doubt, work a treat!

If however you don't have the required paperwork and systems in place....give us a call and we will help you.

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