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Safety: the key to Efficiency

Some company Directors, Owners, Managers and even field based staff see health & safety as a barrier to them working. A neccesary evil to keep the wolves of litigation from the door of the company's profits.

It can however be your key to greater efficiency and in turn greater profits.

Intergrating safety paperwork within your routine work sheets, which have to be completed as matter of course, can be a boon to some companies, speeding up the processing of invoices and improving cash flow as part of the process.

The flow of information, from management to the work force is smoother as you become used to providing news and instructions via bulletin emails and notice boards to the workforce. The feedback channels are cleared as your workforce consults you on safety concerns they find at site and you have the opportunity to ask if the task is made more complex (and thereby more expensive) by the problem. Communication channels are opened and the smooth flow information both up and down the corporate chain improves.

With greater flow of information between the workforce and management comes far more information for you (the managers) to feed back to your directors, making them more in touch with the workforce. Accident prevention can rise as you get actual risks from the specific work sites. Further risk assessment and management will prevent accidents in the future, providing that information is cascaded back down to rest of the field based staff.

What better, than a first hand account of a situation to provide you with all the information you need to write your reports and create your invoices. You even get to tick the box of "consulting your workforce" as part of the process.

So the next time you hear someone say: "It's all Health & Safety gone mad!". Just chuckle to yourself and remember, better information will generate better results through greater efficiency.

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