• Rob Jones

Working at Height?

Getting your safety advisor to understand the practicality of working at height and not simply work positioning at height can be tricky.

What with most Safety professionals coming from an office based professional background they have no real concept of the physicality of the works undertaken or the complexity that comes with accessing such works.

We however, have the working knowledge to remove the misunderstanding of the difference between:

  • Fall Arrest

  • Work Positioning

  • Working at Height

  • Working from ropes and harness

We all understand (I'm sure) the heirachy of control when it comes to work at height, with number one being: Dont! The majority of the time however this is simply not practical. High works have to happen!

Whether you are reaching the roof of a domestic dwelling with scaffolding or the inside of an atrium in a tower with roped access, it has to happen somehow. Even working in difficult access areas such the wild outdoors to carry out conservation or filming works. All can be carried out safely and with the minimum of fuss.

Call us for more details. We're always happy to help.

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