• Rob Jones

Work at Height Specialist?

Working at Height is inherently dangerous for several reasons, primary of which is the floor!

Its not the fall from whatever height you are working at which will injure (or worse) you, its the very sudden stopping when you hit the ground.

Falling from 5m high will hurt...a lot! You will be travelling at 22 Miles per Hour when the sudden stopping happens. Imagine being hit by a car travelling at 22 MPH. Only this time its hitting you on the head!

Why are we considered works at height specialists? Because we know the methods to stop you from falling in the first place. We have been there! Having worked in tree surgery and industrial rope access as well as roof works, gutter cleans on large industrial units, skylight weatherproofing etc, and even climbed the odd high mountain through our hobbies we understand what it takes to keep you safe.

If your company works at height and needs specialist advice at affordable rates then you should be contacting us.

Keeping your staff safe from falls and falling equipment should be an absolute priority. Don't take risks.

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