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Keeping it Simple

We recently starting working with a heavy plant hire company based in Swansea. They run some very heavy equipment that has a lot of moving parts and the ability to crush things like they were bugs!

It was quite a daunting project to take on initially but applying some basic pragmatism to the risk assessments, method statements and safe working practice documents we worked closely with the owners to apply the best control measures available to us and educate his team to the new methods.

As part of the process we at RJC also issued replacement policy documents and set in place suitable measures to control the risks to the operators and end users of the machinery. This complete paperwork system review had a surprising affect on the company in that they have won more work since adopting the new system. Their clients now don't return their paperwork for review when they ask for RAMS for the machinery. In fact their clients have been quite complimentary of the paperwork.

Last year the company waited more than four weeks to mobilise onto a large civil engineering contract before it was mothballed for the winter. This year when they were starting back up, the paperwork systems flew through their HS&E inspection and the company was on site and working within one week.

We are proud to be working with a company such as this and to make a difference to the operating procedures in such a positive way is encouraging for all involved. It's not often that we can say that H&S makes you money.

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