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Asbestos Awareness

It is International Asbestos Awareness week and in light of that we thought to remind you of what you should be doing before drilling, cutting or grinding into the fabric of the property you are working on.

Everyone now understands the very real dangers of disturbing asbestos products and inhaling the dust that it generates. It is a class A cacogenic and the dangers of that will be obvious to all.

If you know your operatives are going to drill, cut or grind at a property to affect an alteration or repair then you should first ask to see the property’s asbestos register. This is a file containing the findings of an asbestos survey which all commercial properties are obligated to have carried out.

The file will list the types and locations of any asbestos products. Obviously the newer the building the less likely that will be any asbestos products as the use of it was banned by legislation in 1999.

If you are aware of the area of the intended works and that location is listed an area containing (factually or potentially) then you are obligated to have the area inspected and tested before carrying out your works by a registered contractor / remover of hazardous materials.

Many companies now drill and fix the roofs of properties as companies look towards renewable energy sources to reduce their bills and expenditure. However with Asbestos being used very widely within insulation products in the late 20th century particular attention should be given to the Solar PV installations. This industry should be very particular about their locations of work and protection of their staff, sub-contractors and third parties that could be affected by their works.

Recognising potential asbestos products is a requirement under legislation and companies are obligated to provide adequate training for the staff that could be affected by such products.

Ensure the health and long term welfare of your employees and sub-contractors by training them appropriately. The physical dangers of asbestos products are long term and deadly.

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