• Rob Jones

More than a Safety Advisor

Sometimes I get the opportunity to refer business between clients. Not often, but sometimes it works out great for both parties.

Being deeply involved in someone's business means you have access to their thinking and often their problems within the business. This is where my ability to advise outside of the remit of health and safety comes into play.

Recently a client said that they needed a barrier for the front gate of the warehouse. I also work with an electrical contractor who specialises in barriers and automated gates, so to put those two entities in touch with each other was a no brainer. Both companies get what they want with the added benefit of one saving some money by using local providers and the other making some money by gaining a new client.

I've also been fortunate enough to refer a neighbour to a client as that met a criteria. I like a one man networking group! :o)

Feels good to help out too from my own part.

Make sure youre getting more than basic safety advice from your providers, or consider a change to someone with the experience in a wide variety of subjects.

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