Affordable Health & Safety Advice

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Risk Based Approach:

Depending on what industry you are in or what works you carry out, will form the basis of our cost proposal.

For example: If you carry out all your works in a single location manfacturing a product the costs will be relatively minimal compared to a company that carries out the majority of its works at roof top level with a series of sub contracted engineers.

You see, the less complicated the structure of your works, the less it will cost to implement and maintain a safe system of work.

We will assess your company in a Risk based, Pragmatic approach that we hope you will find refreshing and interactive. We don't want to work for you, rather: work with you to ensure your compliance to the law. 


No two companies are the same. Different views and attitudes towards H&S will always be a key factor. 

Some companies and individuals will have fairly robust systems in place already, others will not be aware of their legal obligations and require more assistance and guidance. 

Creating bespoke plans per client rather than offering generic packages makes Rob Jones Consultancy a more flexible option for companies who need a little more help and information. 

Our first meeting will form the basis of our recommendations and working with you rather than for you, we will formulate a plan together to ensure your compliance to laws and the safety of your staff and sub-contractors in a cost effective manner.

Carrying out periodic inspections and site based monitoring activity allows you the eace of mind to drive the business forward with our support and assistance.