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"If you think hiring a professional is expensive...just wait until you hire an amateur"

I've heard this statement made time and time again while in business and always thought it poignant but never gave it too much thought. However, in the health & safety industry its never seemed to carry so much weight...

There have been a stream of fines issued to companies this year for breaches of the law, ranging from:

  • Unsecure construction site: £16K fine & costs*

  • Failure to recognise old paint on windows as containing lead: £10K fine and costs*

  • Fall through a stairwell: £2K fine and costs*

and all could have been avoided if a professional had been asked to assess the works.

We completely understand that employing a Health and Safety Manager can be prohibitively expensive for most small and medium sized companies. With salaries for such qualified and competent people starting at £25,000 the costs can seem to be too much for many.

But with fines issued with alarming regularity by the courts in prosecutions from the Health & Safety Executive (The governing and monitoring body in the UK) can you really afford not to take any advice?

Outsourcing to a consultant (such as Rob Jones Consultancy) spreads that costs over the year and minimises it by us not being full time staff. You could ensure the compliance of the company for as little as £1,200 a year in some cases.

All our package offerings are bespoke to your company and based on risk management. We do not have fixed rates that you have to sign up for and every company is treated the same. We assess how much effort and monitoring you will require and agree the rates accordingly. No bronze, silver and gold packages costing incrementally more and more thousands of pounds.

Coupled to the fact that our risk based approach is based on practical experience gathered over years performing the activities your company provides its clients, we can assure your safety and that of your staff.

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*Information from HSE website 29-3-2016

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