• Rob Jones

A Thoughtful Process

When starting a consultation period with a company you have to be mindful of upsetting and disturbing their existing team and processes.

I recently began working with a large manufacturer of timber framed structures and although they did many things right, they also did many things wrongly.

Documentaion of the good points was virtually non-existent so a period of education began while we explained their good and bad points and how, over the coming weeks and months, we would assist in ensuring all of their 'to be adopted' systems would enrich their working experience making it easier for them to find and disemenate records of staff, tools / equipment and training.

As with everything though, there has been some resistance to the new systems and procedures and this is where we as safety professionals have to adopt a targeted personal approach to convince the doubters of the benefits of adopting the required changes.

Whether that adapatation is shown through financial, staff welfare or company reputation depends on the person and what motivates them within the organisation.

Its not always easy to figure out what will work best and some people use a scatter gun approach to such things. I however, like to spend a little time with those individuals and ask pertinent questions so I can target a specific approach and eleviate any fears of:

Change of working conditions

Spending company funds

or a simple fear of change itself to achieve the change of culture we need to be adopted from the top down.

Contact us for an alternative and thoughtful approach to changing the safety culture of your organisation.

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